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Income Tax  
Inter-Personal Tax Services is a professional tax consultancy known for its quality personalised tax planning and tax saving services. We provide a range of income tax services to various individuals who are salaried as well as individuals earning commission and contracting income.
We do not render any accounting services.
We look forward to being of service to you and assisting you with submission of tax forms to SARS, tax savings, personal taxation matters.
We are committed to handling customer information in a professional and confidential manner. Privacy and confidentiality is an integral element of our business. Our customers expect it of us and we ensure that we provide it.
We offer the following income tax related services
  1. Registration of new taxpayers to obtain a tax number
  2. Personal tax consulting and planning
  3. Tax Reduction Strategy
  4. Obtaining time extension for rendition of returns
  5. Tax Directives
  6. Tax Clearance Certificates
  7. Calculation of tax liability
  8. Completion of Provisional tax returns (IRP 6)
  9. Completion of Annual tax forms (IT 12)
  10. Verifying accuracy of assessments (IT 34)
  11. Submitting objections
  12. Liaison with the South African Revenue Service (SARS)