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What's New from Liberty Life and Altrisk
What's New from Liberty Life
The Excelsior 1000 Series
Benefits at a glance:
The Excelsior 1000 Series will help you meet your investment goals easily and effectively by providing:
  • A fair and transparent fee structure which incentivises superior investment performance.
  • A product design that rewards the long term investor.
  • A selection of investment vehicles to optimize the tax efficiency and flexibility of your investment plan.
  • Provision against the unexpected. Protect your investment in the case of retrenchment or disability.
  • A simple range of investment options which are managed by investment professionals.
  • Minimum investment performance guarantees on selected portfolios for peace of mind.
Investments made easy
  • Investment Builder
    • Your Personal Endowment Plan
  • Personal Pension
    • Your Personal Retirement Annuity
  • Corporate Pension
    • Group Retirement Annuity
A cost effective retirement solution for small businesses
Performance Guarantees, Retrenchment cover
Maternity benefit, Disability cover, Policy bonuses

What's New from Altrisk
Altrisk provides uncomplicated, yet comprehensive life, disability and dread disease benefits that strive to deliver value for money and value to our partnership. We have the underwriting expertise you can have confidence in.
  • New Life Product
  • Income Replacement Policy
  • New Disability Products
  • New HIV and medical underwriting tools
  • Competitive Premium rates for under 50yrs of age.
  • The disability benefit only excludes: self inflicted injury
  • Products with extended guarantee periods
  • Free family funeral benefit
  • Products you can trust
  • An ethical approach to claims payment
  • Financial security